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Kodric, Mihael; Riffeser, Arno; Seitz, Stella; Hopp, Ulrich; Snigula, Jan; Goessl, Claus; Koppenhoefer, Johannes; Bender, Ralf (2018): M31 PAndromeda Cepheid Sample Observed in Four HST Bands. In: Astrophysical Journal, Vol. 864, No. 1, 59
Full text not available from 'Open Access LMU'.


Using the M31 PAndromeda Cepheid sample and the HST PHAT data, we obtain the largest Cepheid sample in M31 with HST data in four bands. For our analysis we consider three samples: a very homogeneous sample of Cepheids based on the PAndromeda data, the mean magnitude corrected PAndromeda sample and a sample complementing the PAndromeda sample with Cepheids from the literature. The latter results in the largest catalog with 522 fundamental mode (FM) Cepheids and 102 first overtone (FO) Cepheids with F160W and F110W data and 559 FM Cepheids and 111 FO Cepheids with F814W and F475W data. The obtained dispersion of the period-luminosity relations (PLRs) is very small (e.g., 0.138 mag in the F160W sample I PLR). We find no broken slope in the PLRs when analyzing our entire sample, but we do identify a subsample of Cepheids that causes the broken slope. However, this effect only shows when the number of this Cepheid type makes up a significant fraction of the total sample. We also analyze the sample selection effect on the Hubble constant.