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Goessl, Claus A.; Snigula, Jan M.; Hopp, Ulrich (2018): Observation scheduling with a free bug tracking software: redmine 4 obs. In: Observatory Operations: Strategies, Processes, and Systems Vii, Vol. 10704
Full text not available from 'Open Access LMU'.


LMU Munchen operates an astrophysical observatory on Mt. Wendelstein with two telescopes (2m and 40cm, Refs.(1-3)) and five instruments (three imagers(4-8) and two spectrographs(9,10)) for night time observations. The observatory offers service observations for the astronomy groups of the LMU physics department as well as for their collaborators. Staff and student observers have to be able to adjust observation scheduling to a wide range of observing conditions (often changing several times during an individual night) meeting the demands of very different observation project constraints (background limited, seeing limited, time limited etc.). To meet these requirements we adapted a free bug tracking software (https://rwww.redmine.org) which was already in place for observatory operations and software development. The tool enables easy communication between, and progress documentation for observers and observing projects leads with only very little administration overhead. Here we describe how we set up the tool and its impact on observations quality.