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Davies, R.; Alves, J.; Clenet, Y.; Lang-Bardl, F.; Nicklas, H.; Pott, J. -U.; Ragazzoni, R.; Tolstoy, E.; Amico, P.; Anwand-Heerwart, H.; Barboza, S.; Barl, L.; Baudoz, P.; Bender, R.; Bezawada, N.; Bizenberger, P.; Boland, W.; Bonifacio, P.; Borgo, B.; Buey, T.; Chapron, F.; Chemla, F.; Cohen, M.; Czoske, O.; Deo, V.; Disseau, K.; Dreizler, S.; Dupuis, O.; Fabricius, M.; Falomo, R.; Fedou, P.; Schreiber, N. Förster; Garrel, V.; Geis, N.; Gemperlein, H.; Gendron, E.; Genzel, R.; Gillessen, S.; Glück, M.; Grupp, F.; Hartl, M.; Haeuser, M.; Hess, H. -J.; Hofferbert, R.; Hopp, U.; Hoermann, V.; Hubert, Z.; Huby, E.; Huet, J. -M.; Hutterer, V.; Ives, D.; Janssen, A.; Jellema, W.; Kausch, W.; Kerber, F.; Kravcar, H.; Le Ruyet, B.; Leschinski, K.; Mandla, C.; Manhart, M.; Massari, D.; Mei, S.; Merlin, F.; Mohr, L.; Monna, A.; Münch, N.; Müller, F.; Musters, G.; Navarro, R.; Neumann, U.; Neumayer, N.; Niebsch, J.; Plattner, M.; Przybilla, N.; Rabien, S.; Ramlau, R.; Ramos, J.; Ramsay, S.; Rhode, P.; Richter, A.; Richter, J.; Rix, H. -W.; Rodeghiero, G.; Rohloff, R. -R.; Rosensteiner, M.; Rousset, G.; Schlichter, J.; Schubert, J.; Sevin, A.; Stuik, R.; Sturm, E.; Thomas, J.; Tromp, N.; Kleijn, G. Verdoes; Vidal, F.; Wagner, R.; Wegner, M.; Zeilinger, W.; Ziegleder, J.; Ziegler, B. and Zins, G. (2018): The MICADO first light imager for the ELT: overview, operation, simulation. In: Ground-Based and Airborne Instrumentation for Astronomy Vii, Vol. 10702

Full text not available from 'Open Access LMU'.


MICADO will enable the ELT to perform diffraction limited near-infrared observations at first light. The instrument's capabilities focus on imaging (including astrometric and high contrast) as well as single object spectroscopy. This contribution looks at how requirements from the observing modes have driven the instrument design and functionality. Using examples from specific science cases, and making use of the data simulation tool, an outline is presented of what we can expect the instrument to achieve.

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