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Lüst, Dieter; Palti, Eran (2018): Scalar fields, hierarchical UV/IR mixing and the Weak Gravity Conjecture. In: Journal of High Energy Physics, No. 2, 40


The Weak Gravity Conjecture (WGC) bounds the mass of a particle by its charge. It is expected that this bound can not be below the ultraviolet cut-off scale of the effective theory. Recently, an extension of the WGC was proposed in the presence of scalar fields. We show that this more general version can bound the mass of a particle to be arbitrarily far below the ultraviolet cut-off of the effective theory. It therefore manifests a form of hierarchical UV/IR mixing. This has possible implications for naturalness. We also present new evidence for the proposed contribution of scalar fields to the WGC by showing that it matches the results of dimensional reduction. In such a setup the UV/IR mixing is tied to the interaction between the WGC and non-local gauge operators.