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Lin, Sheng-Hsuan; Sbierski, Björn; Dorfner, Florian; Karrasch, Christoph; Heidrich-Meisner, Fabian (2018): Many-body localization of spinless fermions with attractive interactions in one dimension. In: Scipost Physics, Vol. 4, No. 1, 2
Creative Commons Attribution 830kB


We study the finite-energy density phase diagram of spinless fermions with attractive interactions in one dimension in the presence of uncorrelated diagonal disorder. Unlike the case of repulsive interactions, a delocalized Luttinger-liquid phase persists at weak disorder in the ground state, which is a well-known result. We revisit the ground-state phase diagram and show that the recently introduced occupation-spectrum discontinuity computed from the eigenspectrum of the one-particle density matrix is noticeably smaller in the Luttinger liquid compared to the localized regions. Moreover, we use the functional renormalization group scheme to study the finite-size dependence of the conductance, which also resolves the existence of the Luttinger liquid and is computationally cheap. Our main results concern the finite-energy density case. Using exact diagonalization and by computing various established measures of the many-body localization-delocalization transition, we argue that the zero-temperature Luttinger liquid smoothly evolves into a finite-energy density ergodic phase without any intermediate phase transition.