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Lindner, F. H.; Bin, J. H.; Englbrecht, F.; Haffa, D.; Bolton, P. R.; Gao, Y.; Hartmann, J.; Hilz, P.; Kreuzer, C.; Ostermayr, T. M.; Rosch, T. F.; Speicher, M.; Parodi, K.; Thirolf, P. G.; Schreiber, J. (2018): A novel approach to electron data background treatment in an online wide-angle spectrometer for laser-accelerated ion and electron bunches. In: Review of Scientific Instruments, Vol. 89, No. 1, 13301
Full text not available from 'Open Access LMU'.


Laser-based ion acceleration is driven by electrical fields emerging when target electrons absorb laser energy and consecutively leave the target material. A direct correlation between these electrons and the accelerated ions is thus to be expected and predicted by theoretical models. We report on a modified wide-angle spectrometer, allowing the simultaneous characterization of angularly resolved energy distributions of both ions and electrons. Equipped with online pixel detectors, the RadEye1 detectors, the investigation of this correlation gets attainable on a single shot basis. In addition to first insights, we present a novel approach for reliably extracting the primary electron energy distribution from the interfering secondary radiation background. This proves vitally important for quantitative extraction of average electron energies (temperatures) and emitted total charge. Published by AIP Publishing.