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Karshenboim, Savely G.; Korzinin, Evgeny Yu; Shelyuto, Valery A.; Ivanov, Vladimir G. (2018): alpha(Z alpha)(5)m finite-nuclear-size contribution to the energy levels in light muonic atoms. In: Physical Review A, Vol. 98, No. 6, 62512
Full text not available from 'Open Access LMU'.


We present a theoretical consideration of the radiative two-photon finite-nuclear-size contributions to the Lamb shift in a light muonic atom. They are of the order of alpha(Z alpha)(5)m and may depend differently on MRN. The contributions are due to the electronic and muonic vacuum polarization and the muon self-energy. The consideration is done within the external field approximation. We also found the leading logarithmic finite-nuclear-size contributions in the next order. One of them is of the order alpha(Z alpha)(6)ln(2)(Z alpha)(mR(N))(2)m and the other is of the order alpha(2)(Z alpha)(5)ln(2)(m(e)R(N))(mR(N))(3)m. Special attention is paid to higher-order effects in muonic hydrogen and the related applications of various parametrizations of the proton electric form factors. We also consider the general expressions in coordinate space for the finite-size radiative contributions to the Lamb shift in two-body muonic atoms. The numerical results are present for the atoms with Z <= 10.