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Hüttenhofer, L.; Xydias, D.; Lewis, R. B.; Rauwerdink, S.; Tahraoui, A.; Küpers, H.; Geelhaar, L.; Marquardt, O.; Ludwig, S. (2018): Optimization of Ohmic Contacts to n-Type GaAs Nanowires. In: Physical Review Applied, Vol. 10, No. 3, 34024
Full text not available from 'Open Access LMU'.


Group III-group V nanowires are comprehensively studied because of their suitability for optoelectronic quantum technology applications. However, their small dimensions and the spatial separation of carriers from the wire surface render electrical contacting difficult. Systematically studying ohmic contact formation by diffusion to n-doped GaAs nanowires, we provide a set of optimal annealing parameters for Pd/Ge/Au ohmic contacts. We reproducibly achieve low specific contact resistances of approximately 2 x 10(-7) Omega cm(2) at room temperature, becoming an order of magnitude higher at T similar or equal to 4.2 K. We provide a phenomenological model to describe contact resistances as a function of diffusion parameters. Implementing a transfer-matrix method, we numerically study the influence of the Schottky barrier on the contact resistance. Our results indicate that contact resistances can be predicted with various barrier shapes, but further insights into structural properties would require a full microscopic understanding of the complex diffusion processes.