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Englbrecht, Franz Siegfried; Würl, Matthias; Olivari, Francesco; Ficorella, Andrea; Kreuzer, Christian; Lindner, Florian H.; Dalla Palma, Matteo; Pancheri, Lucio; Dalla Betta, Gian-Franco; Schreiber, Jörg; Quaranta, Alberto; Parodi, Katia (2018): An Online, Radiation Hard Proton Energy-Resolving Scintillator Stack For Laser-Driven Proton Bunches. In: Radiation Protection Dosimetry, Vol. 180, No. 1-4: pp. 291-295
Full text not available from 'Open Access LMU'.


We report on a scintillator-based online detection system for the spectral characterization of polychromatic proton bunches. Using up to nine stacked layers of radiation hard polysiloxane scintillators, coupled to and readout edge-on by a large area pixelated CMOS detector, impinging polychromatic proton bunches were characterized. The energy spectra were reconstructed using calibration data and simulated using Monte-Carlo simulations. Despite the scintillator stack showed some problems like thickness inhomogeneities and unequal layer coupling, the prototype allows to obtain a first estimate of the energy spectrum of proton beams.