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Benda, Zsuzsanna; Jagau, Thomas-C. (2018): Locating Exceptional Points on Multidimensional Complex-Valued Potential Energy Surfaces. In: Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters, Vol. 9, No. 24: pp. 6978-6984
Full text not available from 'Open Access LMU'.


We present a method for locating non-Hermitian degeneracies, called exceptional points (EPs), and minimum-energy EPs between molecular resonances using the complex absorbing potential equation-of-motion coupled-cluster (CAP-EOM-CC) method. EPs are the complex-valued analogue of conical intersections (CIs) and have a similar impact on nonadiabatic processes between resonances as CIs have on nonradiative transitions between bound states. We demonstrate that the CAP-EOM-CC method in the singles and doubles approximation (CAP-EOM-CCSD) yields crossings of the correct dimensionality. The use of analytic gradients enables applications to multidimensional problems. Results are presented for hydrogen cyanide and chloroethylene, for which the location of the crossings of anionic resonances is crucial for understanding the dissociative electron attachment process.