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Maruoka, Hirokazu; Nishimura, Akio; Ushiki, Hideharu; Hatada, Keisuke (2018): Stretched exponential relaxation process of onion structures under various oscillatory shears with analysis using Shannon entropy. In: Chemical Physics, Vol. 513: pp. 280-286
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The relaxation processes of onion structure in sine-oscillatory shear in a quaternary mixture of water, NaCl, 1-Octanol and Sodium Dodecyl Sulfate, have been investigated by two dimensional light scattering. In this work, the relaxation processes of constant shear, oscillatory shear and sine-oscillatory shear are compared and evaluated by Shannon entropy. Shannon entropy is the function to estimate the statistical homogeneity. The relaxation processes of sine-oscillatory shear show the good fitness with the stretched exponential and the Shannon entropy of sine-oscillatory shear increases with frequency. The influence to the relaxation process reflected from the different manner of shearing is briefly discussed.