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Lidig, Christian; Minar, Jan; Braun, Jürgen; Ebert, Hubert; Gloskovskii, Andrei; Kronenberg, Alexander; Klaeui, Mathias and Jourdan, Martin (2018): Signature of a highly spin polarized resonance state at Co2MnSi(001)/Ag(001) interfaces. In: Journal of Physics D-Applied Physics, Vol. 51, No. 13, 135307

Full text not available from 'Open Access LMU'.


We investigated interfaces of halfmetallic Co2MnSi(100) Heusler thin films with Ag(100), Cr(100), Cu and Al layers relevant for spin valves by high energy x-ray photoemission spectroscopy (HAXPES). Experiments on Co2MnSi samples with an Ag(100) interface showed a characteristic spectral shoulder feature close to the Fermi edge, which is strongly diminished or suppressed at Co2MnSi(100) interfaces with the other metallic layers. This feature is found to be directly related to the Co2MnSi(100) layer, as reflected by control experiments with reference non-magnetic films, i.e. without the Heusler layer. By comparison with HAXPES calculations, the shoulder feature is identified as originating from an interface state related to a highly spin polarized surface resonance of Co2MnSi(100).

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