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Marin-Luna, Marta; Pölloth, Benjamin; Zott, Fabian; Zipse, Hendrik (2018): Size-dependent rate acceleration in the silylation of secondary alcohols: the bigger the faster. In: Chemical Science, Vol. 9, No. 31: pp. 6509-6515
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Relative rates for the reaction of secondary alcohols carrying large aromatic moieties with silyl chlorides carrying equally large substituents have been determined in organic solvents. Introducing thoroughly matching pairs of big dispersion energy donor (DED) groups enhanced rate constants up to four times, notably depending on the hydrogen bond donor ability of the solvent. A linear correlation between computed dispersion energy contributions to the stability of the silyl ether products and experimental relative rate constants was found. These results indicate a cooperation between solvophobic effects and DED-groups in the kinetic control of silylation reactions.