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Gao, Ming-Yuan; Xu, Wan; Zhang, Shi-Bo; Li, Yue-Sheng and Dong, Zhi-Bing (2018): Synthesis of Phenyl Dithiocarbamates Starting from Sodium Dialkyldithiocarbamates and Aryl Boronic Acids: a Copper Catalyzed S-Arylation. In: European Journal of Organic Chemistry, No. 47: pp. 6693-6698

Full text not available from 'Open Access LMU'.


A convenient and efficient protocol for the S-arylation of sodium dialkyldithiocarbamates was developed. With the catalysis of copper(I) bromide, sodium dialkyldithiocarbamates coupled with aryl boronic acids giving the C-S coupling products smoothly in good to excellent yields. This protocol features easily available starting materials, easy performance, short reaction time, broad substrate scope and good yields, showing its potential synthetic value for the convenient preparation of some potentially biologically active compounds.

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