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Benischke, Andreas D.; Anthore-Dalion, Lucile; Kohl, Fabien and Knochel, Paul (2018): Synthesis of Polyfunctionalized Triaryllanthanum Reagents by Using Ph3La and Related Species as Exchange Reagents. In: Chemistry - A European Journal, Vol. 24, No. 43: pp. 11103-11109

Full text not available from 'Open Access LMU'.


Ph(3)La5LiCl and the related (m-xylyl)(3)La5LiCl were used as Hal/La exchange reagents (Hal=Br, I) for the preparation of various triaryl- and triheteroaryl-lanthanum derivatives. These new exchange reagents are compatible with isoquinolines and some functional groups such as a nitrile or an ester. The reactivity of the resulting lanthanum compounds towards electrophiles, such as ketones, aldehydes, N,N-dimethylamides, and primary alkyl halides was investigated. Additionally, a Pd-catalyzed cross-coupling procedure with aryl bromides was developed.

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