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Bilovitz, Peter Othmar; Spribille, Toby; Resl, Philipp and Hafellner, Josef (2018): Helmut Mayrhofer - a tribute on the occasion of his 65th birthday. In: Herzogia, Vol. 31, No. 1: pp. 341-358

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Helmut Mayrhofer has been contributing to understanding the systematics and diversity of lichenized fungi for over four decades. In this paper introducing a Festschrift on the occasion of his 65th birthday, we review the impact of Helmut Mayrhofer's scientific work on the systematics of lichenized fungi with special emphasis on the family Physciaceae and highlight his studies of the lichen flora of the Balkan Peninsula, the Alps and other regions. We also present a bibliography of his publications from 1973 to the present.

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