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Averyanov, Leonid V.; Tillich, H.-J.; Pham, Van The; Nguyen, Sinh Khang; Le, Tuan Anh; Nguyen, Hoang Tuan; Maisak, Tatiana V.; Le Tuan, Anh Hoang; Nguyen, Danh Duc; Truong, Quang Cuong; Nguyen, Thi Lien Thuong and Vu, Tien Chinh (2018): New taxa and taxonomic notes in Aspidistra (Convallariaceae s.s.) in China, Laos and Vietnam. In: Nordic Journal of Botany, Vol. 36, No. 7

Full text not available from 'Open Access LMU'.


This paper continues the publication of newly obtained results from a continuing taxonomic investigation of the genus Aspidistra in mainland southeast Asia. It includes descriptions and illustrations of seven taxa discovered in China and Vietnam, A. deflexa Aver., Tillich & V.T. Pham, A. heterocarpa Aver., Tillich & V. T. Pham var. heterocarpa, A. heterocarpa Aver., Tillich & V. T. Pham var. echinata Aver., Tillich & T.A. Le, A. nigra Aver., Tillich & K. S. Nguyen, A. sessiliflora Aver. & Tillich, A. sinuata Aver. & Tillich and A. tonkinensis (Gagnep.) F. T. Wang & K. Y. Lang var. compacta Aver. & Tillich. Specific taxonomic status is proposed for A. vietnamensis (Aver. & Tillich) Aver & Tillich. described at first as a variety of A. elatior Blume. The name A. connata Tillich is accepted as a synonym of A. subrotata Y. Wan & C. C. Huang. One species, A. hainanensis W. Y. Chun & F. C. How is reported as new for the flora of Vietnam, and another one, A. semiaperta Aver. & Tillich as new for the flora of Laos. New or updated data on ecology, phenology, tentative relationships, distribution and conservation status are reported for all mentioned taxa.

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