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Ertl, H. und Koszinowski, Ulrich H. (1976): Modification of H-2 Antigenic Sites by Enzymatic Treatment Influences Virus-Specific Target Cell Lysis. In: The Journal of Immunology, Vol. 117: S. 2112-2118


Vaccinia virus-infected cells were treated enzymatically to remove H-2 antigenic sites. The effect of this procedure on virus-specific cell-mediated cytolysis (CMC) and virus-specific antibody-mediated cytolysis (AMC) was tested. Due to the inhibition of cellular proteinsynthesis by the vaccinia virus infection, H-2 antigenic sites were not resynthesized while there was a continuous production of viral surface antigens. These cells with a high concentration of viral surface antigens and decreased H-2 determinants could be used as targets in the virus specific AMC. But they were not lysed in the virus specific CMC which emphasizes the significance of H-2 antigens during recognition of virus-specific determinants by T cells.