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Wang, Liangsheng and Liu, Dong (2018): Functions and regulation of phosphate starvation-induced secreted acid phosphatases in higher plants. In: Plant Science, Vol. 271: pp. 108-116

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Phosphorus is essential for plant growth and development, but levels of inorganic phosphate (Pi), the major form of phosphorus that plants assimilate, are quite limiting in most soils. To cope with Pi deficiency, plants trigger a suite of adaptive responses, including the induction and secretion of acid phosphatases (APases). In this article, we describe how Pi starvation-induced (PSI) APases are analyzed, and we provide a brief historical review of their identification. We then discuss the current understanding of the functions of PSI-secreted APases and how these APases are regulated at the molecular level. Finally, we provide a perspective on the future direction of research in this field.

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