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Döbbeler, Peter; Berger, Franz; Negrin Pinero, Ruben; Vega, Marcel (2018): Octosporella microtricha and O-nematospora - two new pezizalean ascomycetes on Frullania. In: Herzogia, Vol. 31, No. 1: pp. 101-108
Full text not available from 'Open Access LMU'.


Two bryophilous ascomycetes with perithecium-like, orange fruit-bodies infecting species of the liverwort genus Frullania are described as new within the genus Octosporella (Pezizales). Both species match the generic concept regarding ascomatal and hyphal features including the elaborate infection structures and the lifestyle as biotrophic parasites. Octosporella microtricha from Tenerife grows on the corticolous F. polysticta, an endemic liverwort recorded as host for the first time. The parasite is characterized by short setae covering the excipular surface and ellipsoidal ascospores with cap-like wall thickenings at the ends. Octosporella nematospora from New Zealand has subfiliform ascospores, a unique character not recorded so far in operculate discomycetes.