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Egertova, Zuzana; Döbbeler, Peter and Sochor, Michal (2018): Octosporopsis erinacea and Octospora kelabitiana (Pezizales) - two new hepaticolous ascomycetes from Borneo. In: Mycological Progress, Vol. 17, No. 1-2: pp. 103-113

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Two new hepaticolous ascomycetes from the Kelabit Highlands (Sarawak, Borneo) are described and illustrated. Both of them infect thallose liverworts growing in damp and shaded localities. Octosporopsis erinacea parasitizing Dumortiera hirsuta (Marchantiopsida) has tiny, light yellow, rimless, setose apothecia, usually 8-spored asci and ellipsoid ascospores. Hyphae with appressoria develop superficially on, and intracellularly within, the host thallus. Dumortiera was recorded as a host for any bryophilous fungus for the first time. Octospora kelabitiana parasitizes species of the genus Riccardia (Jungermanniopsida). It is characterised by very small, light orange, setose apothecia, 8-spored asci, ellipsoid, biguttulate spores and very thick hyphae with conspicuous warts and ridges. Generic placement of both species was inferred based on DNA analysis of two nuclear loci (EF1 alpha, LSU rDNA).

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