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Koszinowski, Ulrich H. and Thomssen, R. (1975): Target cell-dependent T cell-mediated lysis of vaccinia virus-infected cells. In: European Journal of Immunology, Vol. 5: pp. 245-251 [PDF, 764kB]


Vaccinia virus specific cytotoxicity against infected target cells was observed in vitro. Spleen lymphocytes from normal and immunized mice of the inbred strains C3H and DBA/2 were incubated with vaccinia virus-infected and non-infected 51Cr-labeled mastocytoma P-815-X2 cells and L-929 fibroblasts, which were used as targets. Cytotoxic lymphocytes could be isolated from the mice as early as 2 days after infection with vaccinia virus. The highest cytotoxic effect was obtained with lymphocytes taken 6 days after infection. The degree of lysi was correlated with the ratio of immune lymphocytes to target cells. Specific blocking of target cell lysis resulted after addition of anti-vaccinia antibody from different sources. The effector cells could be characterized as T cells by elimination of macrophages and B cells. Target cell killing was only possible in a syngeneic system; allogeneic infected target cells were not lysed significantly.

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