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Prieto, Jerome; Becker, Damien; Rauber, Gaetan and Pirkenseer, Claudius M. (2018): New biostratigraphical data for the Burdigalian Montchaibeux Member at the locality Courrendlin-Sol, (Canton of Jura, Switzerland). In: Swiss Journal of Geosciences, Vol. 111, No. 1-2: pp. 1-11

Full text not available from 'Open Access LMU'.


Geological surveys were carried out in the Miocene deposits at the place known as "En Sol," east of the village Courrendlin (Del,mont Basin, Canton of Jura, Switzerland). This resulted in the discovery of new Miocene small mammal assemblages. The association of the rodents Megacricetodon aff. collongensis and Melissiodon sp. allows to biochronostratigraphically correlate for the first time the so-called "Rote Mergel des Mont Chaibeux" representing the lower part of the Montchaibeux Member of the Bois de Raube Formation to the regional M. collongensis-Keramidomys interval zone (MN 4;early Miocene).

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