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Ye, Facheng; Crippa, Gaia; Garbelli, Claudio and Griesshaber, Erika (2018): Microstructural data of six recent brachiopod species: SEM, EBSD, morphometric and statistical analyses. In: Data in Brief, Vol. 18: pp. 300-318 [PDF, 5MB]


Here, we provide the dataset associated with the research article "Mapping of recent brachiopod microstructure: A tool for environmental studies" [1]. We present original data relative to morphometric and statistical analyses performed on the basic shell structural units (the secondary layer fibres) of brachiopod shells belonging to six extant species adapted to different environmental conditions. Based on SEM micrographs of the secondary layer, fibres from ventral and dorsal valves, and from different shell positions, showing regular and symmetrical cross sectional outlines, were chosen for morphometric measurements using Adobe Photoshop CS6, Image-Pro Plus 6.0 and ImageJ. To work out the reliability of the measurements, the most significant parameters were tested for their probability density by distribution plots;for data visualization and dimension reduction, principal component analysis (PCA) was performed using R 3.3.0 [2] and independent-samples t-tests were performed using SPSS Statistics (IBM Version 22.0. Armonk, NY). Besides a quantitative analysis, a qualitative description of the shell microstructure is provided by detailed SEM imaging and EBSD measurements.

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