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Medina, Dana D.; Maehringer, Andre; Bein, Thomas (2018): Electroactive Metalorganic Frameworks. In: Israel Journal of Chemistry, Vol. 58, No. 9-10: pp. 1089-1101
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Crystalline and porous framework materials with appreciable charge carrier mobility hold promise as a new semiconducting platform. Through the concepts of reticular chemistry, numerous two- and three-dimensional crystalline and porous frameworks with encoded properties enabling significant electrical conductivity are in reach. Prominent members of this group are the metal-organic frameworks (MOFs), which recently created scientific excitement as highly conductive materials. Herein, we discuss the recent prominent examples reported for electrically conducting MOFs with regards to their synthesis, structural and electronic properties and possible applications. We frame our discussion according to structural features of the MOFs, covering both layered 2D and 3D frameworks.