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Robert, Hadrien M. L.; Savatier, Julien; Vial, Stephanie; Verghese, Jacob; Wattellier, Benoit; Rigneault, Hervé; Monneret, Serge; Polleux, Julien; Baffou, Guillaume (2018): Photothermal Control of Heat-Shock Protein Expression at the Single Cell Level. In: Small, Vol. 14, No. 32, 1801910
Full text not available from 'Open Access LMU'.


Laser heating of individual cells in culture recently led to seminal studies in cell poration, fusion, migration, or nanosurgery, although measuring the local temperature increase in such experiments remains a challenge. Here, the laser-induced dynamical control of the heat-shock response is demonstrated at the single cell level, enabled by the use of light-absorbing gold nanoparticles as nanosources of heat and a temperature mapping technique based on quadriwave lateral shearing interferometry (QLSI) measurements. As it is label-free, this approach does not suffer from artifacts inherent to previously reported fluorescence-based temperature-mapping techniques and enables the use of any standard fluorescent labels to monitor in parallel the cell's response.