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Dietz, Lars; Dömel, Jana S.; Leese, Florian; Lehmann, Tobias; Melzer, Roland R. (2018): Feeding ecology in sea spiders (Arthropoda: Pycnogonida): what do we know? In: Frontiers in Zoology 15:7
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Sea spiders (Pycnogonida) are a widespread and phylogenetically important group of marine arthropods. However, their biology remains understudied, and detailed information about their feeding ecology is difficult to find. Observations on pycnogonid feeding are scattered in the literature, often in older sources written in various languages, and have never been comprehensively summarized. Here we provide an overview of all information on feeding in pycnogonids that we have been able to find and review what is known on feeding specializations and preferences in the various pycnogonid taxa. We deduce general findings where possible and outline future steps necessary to gain a better understanding of the feeding ecology of one of the world's most bizarre animal taxa.