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Haug, Carolin; Wagner, Philipp; Bjarsch, Juliana M.; Braig, Florian; Haug, Joachim T. (2018): A new "extreme" type of mantis shrimp larva. In: Nauplius, Vol. 26: pp. 1-13
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Mantis shrimps are prominent predatory crustaceans. Their larvae, although morphologically very differently-appearing from their adult counterparts, are already predators;yet, unlike the adults they are not benthic. Instead they are part of the plankton preying on other planktic organisms. Similar to some types of lobsters and crab-like crustaceans the planktic larvae of mantis shrimps can grow quite large, reaching into the centimeter range. Nonetheless, our knowledge on mantis shrimp larvae is still rather limited. Recently new types of giant mantis shrimp larvae with "extreme morphologies" have been reported. Here we describe another type that qualifies to be called "extreme". Comparative measurements of certain morphological structures on selected known larvae support the exceptionality of the new specimen. It differs in several aspects from the original four types of extreme mantis shrimp larvae described by C. Haug et al. (2016). With this fifth type we expand the known morphological diversity of mantis shrimp larvae and also contribute to our still very incomplete, although growing, knowledge of this life phase.