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Rabal-Garces, R.; Castanera, D.; Luzon, A.; Barco, J. L.; Canudo, J. I. (2018): A Palaeoichnological Itinerary Through the Cenozoic of the Southern Margin of the Pyrenees and the Northern Ebro Basin (Aragn, Northeast Spain). In: Geoheritage, Vol. 10, No. 3: pp. 499-509
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This work aims to bring to light the great wealth of mammal and avian tracksites of the Cenozoic of the southern margin of the Pyrenees and the northern Ebro Basin (Aragon, northeast Spain) by designing a palaeoichnological itinerary that includes the main tracksites. Scientific research in these fields is currently being carried out with very interesting preliminary results, given the poor ichnofossil record in the Palaeogene worldwide. In addition to its scientific importance, however, we want to emphasize the value of this palaeontological heritage as a tourist and educational resource and also the geoconservation work carried out on the tracksites. In some of these sites (Fondota, Sierra de Luna and La Playa Fsil), conservation and adaptation activities have been undertaken over the last few decades. These activities have allowed people to access and visit these tracksites, thus promoting them as socioeconomic assets of this region.