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Lee, Gaik Ee; Pocs, Tamas (2018): Additions to the distribution of some Palaeotropic Lejeunea (Marchantiophyta) species, with the description of Lejeunea konratii sp nov from Fiji. In: Phytotaxa, Vol. 349, No. 1: pp. 31-38
Full text not available from 'Open Access LMU'.


Three new additions to the knowledge of Lejeunea species in the Paleotropical bryoflora with their distributional ranges are presented. A new species, Lejeunea konratii G.E.Lee & Pocs, from Fiji (Central Viti Levu) is described and illustrated. It is characterized by the peculiar (1)-2 cells long first tooth of leaf lobules, the robust stem with 16-24 epidermal cells and ventral merophytes 4-8 cells wide, the reniform underleaves, the smooth cuticle, the leaf cells without well-developed trigones and intermediate thickenings, and the 2-winged, auriculate and undulate keels of the perianth. All Asian and Pacific species of Lejeunea with pluricellular lobule teeth are compared and discussed.