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Fleischmann, Andreas (2018): Drosera xerophila (Droseraceae), a new species from Overberg District, South Africa, and an overview of the rosetted hemicryptophyte sundew species from Western Cape Province. In: Willdenowia, Vol. 48, No. 1: pp. 93-107
Full text not available from 'Open Access LMU'.


Drosera xerophila A. Fleischm., a new species of sundew from Overberg District, Western Cape Province, South Africa, is described and illustrated together with details on its distribution, ecology, habitats and conservation status. The new species is morphologically compared with presumably closely related taxa. An identification key and synopsis are provided for all rosetted hemicryptophyte ("perennially growing") Drosera species of the SW part of Western Cape Province, with synonymy, types, distribution (including maps) and citation of specimens and georeferenced photographs. The names D. aliciae Raym.-Hamet, D. curviscapa T. M. Salter and D. curviscapa var. esterhuyseniae T. M. Salter are lectotypified.