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Patil, Manali; Seifert, Stephanie; Seiler, Franka; Soll, Jürgen and Schwenkert, Serena (2018): FZL is primarily localized to the inner chloroplast membrane however influences thylakoid maintenance. In: Plant Molecular Biology, Vol. 97, No. 4-5: pp. 421-433

Full text not available from 'Open Access LMU'.


FZL is primarily localized to the chloroplast inner envelope and not to the thylakoids, but nevertheless affects the maintenance of thylakoid membranes and photosynthetic protein complexes. The fuzzy-onion-like protein (FZL) is a membrane-bound dynamin-like GTPase located in the chloroplast. We have investigated the chloroplast sub-localization of the endogenous FZL protein and found it to be primarily localized to the inner envelope. Moreover, we observed that mature leaves of fzl mutants start to turn pale, especially in the midvein area of the leaves, 11 days after germination. We therefore assessed their photosynthetic performance as well as the accumulation of thylakoid membrane proteins and complexes after the initial appearance of the phenotype. Interestingly, we could observe a significant decrease in amounts of the cytochrome b (6) f complex in 20-day-old mutants, which was also reflected in an impaired electron transport rate as well as a more oxidized P700 redox state. Analysis of differences in transcriptome datasets obtained before and after onset of the phenotype, revealed large-scale changes in gene expression after the phenotype became visible. In summary, we propose that FZL, despite its localization in the inner chloroplast envelope has an important role in thylakoid maintenance in mature and aging leaves.

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