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Holle, G. E.; Spann, W.; Eisenmenger, Wolfgang; Riedel, J. and Pradayrol, L. (1986): Diffuse somatostatin-immunoreactive D-cell hyperplasia in the stomach and duodenum. In: Gastroenterology, Vol. 91: pp. 733-739 [PDF, 3MB]

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This paper presents the first case of extensive, diffuse, somatostatin- immunoreactive D-cell hyperplasia in the human stomach and duodenum. It occurred in a 37-yr-old woman, who showed clinical signs of dwarfism, obesity, dryness of the mouth, and goiter. The density of the distribution of D cells was increased 39-fold in the stomach fundus, 23- fold in the proximal antrum, 25-fold in the distal antrum, and 31-fold in the upper duodenum in comparison with normal values. At the same time, the gastrin-immunoreactive cells were increased 2.3-fold in the antrum. Although the range in size of the D cells was within normal limits in all regions examined, the G cells showed pronounced hypertrophy of up to 127%. A possible relationship between the immuno- histochemical findings and the clinical picture is discussed.

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