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Burkhardt, R.; Kettner, G.; Böhm, W.; Schmidmeier, M.; Schlag, R.; Frisch, B.; Mallmann, B.; Eisenmenger, Wolfgang und Gilg, T. (1987): Changes in trabecular bone, hematopoiesis and bone marrow vessels in aplastic anemia, primary osteoporosis, and old age. A comparative histomorphometric study. In: Bone, Vol. 8, Nr. 3: S. 157-164


Retrospective histologic analyses of bone biopsies and of post mortem samples from normal persons of different age groups, and of bone biopsies of age- and sex-matched groups of patients with primary osteoporosis and aplastic anemia show characteristic age dependent as well as pathologic changes including atrophy of osseous trabeculae and of hematopoiesis, and changes in the sinusoidal and arterial capillary compartments. These results indicate the possible role of a microvascular defect in the pathogenesis of osteoporosis and aplastic anemia.