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Gianoli, Chiara; Dedes, George; Meyer, Sebastian; Magallanes, Lorena; Landry, Guillaume; Nijhuis, Reinoud; Ganswindt, Ute; Thieke, Christian; Belka, Claus and Parodi, Katia ORCID logoORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0001-7779-6690 (2016): Merging proton radiographies with treatment planning CT for adaptive radiation therapy. PO-0909. In: Radiotherapy and Oncology, Vol. 119, No. Supplement 1: S438 [PDF, 147kB]

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Ion CT imaging (iCT), as obtained from tomographic reconstruction of ion radiographies, can be considered an emerging modality for adaptive radiation therapy (ART) in ion beam therapy due to accurate characterization of the in-room/in-beam anatomy in terms of tissue ion stopping power. The purpose of this work is to investigate ART feasibility, by limiting the number of lowdose scanned beam proton radiographies obtained in the treatment room, for different detection configurations of list mode and integration mode, in combination with high resolution anatomical information from the initial treatment planning X-ray CT.

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