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Nijhuis, Reinoud; Brachmann, C.; Kamp, Florian; Landry, Guillaume; Weiler, F.; Traulsen, N.; Chlebus, G.; Ganswindt, Ute; Thieke, Christian; Krass, S. and Belka, Claus (2016): Validation of a novel contour mapping method to facilitate adaptive radiotherapy in head and neck cancer patients. V05-3. 22. Jahrestagung der DEGRO, Mannheim, 16. - 19. Juni 2016.

Full text not available from 'Open Access LMU'.


Highly conformal radiotherapy improved treatment of head and neck cancer because it can better account for required complex dose distributions and nearby organs at risk. Standard practice has been to calculate a single treatment plan, which was used during the entire therapy course without adaptations to anatomical changes of the patient. The use of adaptive radiotherapy (ART) techniques might improve outcomes in some of the patients. Since one of the most work and time intensive parts of an ART workflow is the recontouring of computed tomography (CT) data sets acquired during the treatment course based on the original contouring of the planning CT, reliable automation of this task will greatly reduce the associated workload.

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