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Schmidt, Josef M. (2019): Dokazatelbstvo i prevoschodstvo homeopatii – vyzov i potencial. In: Ukrainskij Homeopatitschnij Tschoritschnik - Ukrainian Homeopathic Annual, Vol. 16: pp. 4-8 [PDF, 6MB]

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Evidence and excellence of homeopathy – challenge and potential Evidence and excellence are goals of every science. In medicine, however, it has become mainstream to associate them with randomized clinical trials and reductionist concepts such as reproducibility, quantifiability, and generalizability. Although homeopathy has brought good results in studies and documentations of successful cures since 200 years, its real strength lies in its genuine paradigm and holistic method. Due to socio- economic transformations in Western societies, today the general consciousness of people has narrowed to a form of thinking in terms of money and commodities. Hahnemann had a broader horizon and rather than submitting to external standards he abided by his own principles, thus accumulating evidence and excellence within his own comprehensive system of medicine.

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