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Novotny, Jamie (2019): Texts, Scribes and Literary Traditions. A General Introduction. In: Lanfranchi, Giovanni Battista; Mattila, Raija and Rollinger, Robert (eds.) : Writing Neo-Assyrian History: Sources, Problems, and Approaches. Proceedings of an International Conference Held at the University of Helsinki on September 22-25, 2014. State Archives of Assyria Studies, Vol. 29. University Park: Eisenbrauns / Penn State University Press. pp. 109-121 [PDF, 958kB]


This general paper provides a very brief introduction to the textual sources and the scribes who wrote them, as well as give some information on historical events and personal interests of the kings that appear to have impacted the content and nature of the source material. Although the Neo-Assyrian period starts in earnest with Ashurnsirpal II, this contribution covers only the very end of the eighth century and most of the seventh century, thus limiting itself to the reigns of Sennacherib, Esarhaddon, and Ashurbanipal, as well as their four lesser-known successors.

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