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Mittermeier, Magdalena; Braun, Marco; Hofstätter, Michael; Wang, Yu; Ludwig, Ralf (2019): Detecting Climate Change Effects on Vb Cyclones in a 50‐Member Single‐Model Ensemble Using Machine Learning. In: Geophysical Research Letters, Vol. 46, No. 24: pp. 14653-14661
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Vb cyclones are major drivers of extreme precipitation and floods in the study area of hydrological Bavaria (Germany). When assessing climate change impacts on Vb cyclones, internal variability of the climate system is an important underlying uncertainty. Here, we employ a 50‐member single‐model initial‐condition large ensemble of a regional climate model to study climate variability and forced change on Vb cyclones. An artificial neural network detects cutoff lows over central Europe, which are associated with extreme precipitation Vb cyclones. Thus, machine learning filters the large ensemble prior to cyclone tracking. Our results show a striking change in Vb seasonality with a strong decrease of Vb cyclones in summer (−52%) and a large increase in spring (+73%) under the Representative Concentration Pathway 8.5. This change exceeds the noise of internal variability and leads to a peak shift from summer to spring. Additionally, we show significant increases in the daily precipitation intensity during Vb cyclones in all seasons.