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Gui, Hou‐Ze; Jangra, Harish; Mao, Ben; Wang, Tian‐Yu; Yi, Heng; Xu, Qin; Wei, Yin; Zipse, Hendrik; Shi, Min (2020): Construction of α,α‐disubstituted α‐Amino Acid Derivatives via aza‐Morita‐Baylis‐Hillman Reactions of 2‐Aminoacrylates with Activated Olefins. In: ChemCatChem, Vol. 12, No. 4: pp. 1143-1147
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A useful and convenient strategy for the synthesis of α,α‐disubstituted α‐amino acid (α‐AA) derivatives via aza‐Morita‐Baylis‐Hillman reaction of 2‐aminoacrylates with activated olefins has been developed. A variety of α‐AA derivatives containing an α‐amino tertiary center were synthesized in good to excellent yields. The kinetic profiles and calculated methyl anion affinity (MAA) values were employed to rationalize the reactivities of different Michael acceptors used in the reaction.