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Gratzl, Manfred und Dahl, G. (1976): Ca2+-induced fusion of Golgi-derived secretory vesicles isolated from rat liver. In: FEBS Letters, Vol. 62: S. 142-145


During the transport of plasma proteins from the cytoplasma of hepatocytes to the extracellular fluid srnall vesicles may act as shuttles between the Golgi complex and the plasma membrane. This type of intracellular transfer is weil established for various secretory cells and may be adopted also for the hepatocyte. Recent investigations have shown that secretory vesicles fuse with each other during secretion in mast cells [4] exocrine [5,6] and endocrine pancreatic tissue [7]. The intervesicular fusion provides a tool for studies on membrane fusion, since Golgi-derived vesicles can be isolated from the hepatocyte and their interaction with various agents, suggested to trigger membrane fusion, can be monitored by freeze-cleaving.