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Balkenhohl, Moritz; Knochel, Paul ORCID: 0000-0001-7913-4332 (2020): Recent Advances of the Halogen–Zinc Exchange Reaction. In: Chemistry - A European Journal, Vol. 46, No. 17: pp. 3688-3697
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For the preparation of zinc organometallics bearing highly sensitive functional groups such as ketones, aldehydes or nitro groups, especially mild halogen–zinc exchange reagents have proven to be of great potential. In this Minireview, the latest research in the area of the halogen–zinc exchange reaction is reported, with a special focus lying on novel dialkylzinc reagents complexed with lithium alkoxides. Additionally, the preparation and application of organofluorine zinc reagents and transition‐metal‐catalyzed halogen–zinc exchange reactions are reviewed.