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Ehrhart, M.; Grube, D.; Bader, M. F.; Aunis, D.; Gratzl, Manfred (1986): Chromogranin A in the pancreatic islet. Cellular and subcellular distribution. In: Journal of Histochemistry & Cytochemistry, Vol. 34: pp. 1673-1682


Chromogranin A (CGA) is the major soluble protein within secretory vesicles of chromaffin cells. A polyclonal antiserum was raised against bovine CGA and characterized in two-dimensional immunoblots. Cellular and subcellular distribution of CGA in bovine pancreatic islet was investigated by immunocytochemistry. At the light microscopic level, CGA-like immunoreactivity was found in the same cells that react with antibodies against insulin, glucagon, and somatostatin. A minority of cells containing pancreatic polypeptide also showed faint immunostaining. At the ultrastructural level (protein A-gold technique), CGA-like immunoreactivity was confined exclusively to the secretory vesicles. Whereas the hormones were localized mainly in the central part of the secretory vesicles, CGA was present predominantly in the periphery. These findings indicate that a CGA-like protein is a regular constituent of the matrix of secretory vesicles in pancreatic endocrine cells.