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Wurzenberger, Maximilian H. H.; Lechner, Jasmin T. and Stierstorfer, Jörg (2020): Copper(II) Dicyanamide Complexes with N ‐Substituted Tetrazole Ligands – Energetic Coordination Polymers with Moderate Sensitivities. In: ChemPlusChem, Vol. 85, No. 4: pp. 769-775 [PDF, 7MB]


Following the useful concept of energetic coordination compounds (ECC), copper(II) dicyanamide was used as a building block for the synthesis of eight new complexes. As ligands, six different N ‐substituted tetrazoles were applied, leading to the formation of high‐nitrogen containing complexes. The obtained compounds were characterized in detail by single crystal as well as powder XRD, IR, EA, DTA, and TGA. In addition, the sensitivities towards impact and friction were determined with BAM standard techniques as well as the sensitivity towards electrostatic discharges. All compounds show moderate sensitivities (IS >6, FS >80 N) and energetic properties but differ in their polymeric structures forming polymeric chains or layers up to 3D networks.

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