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Berlit, Peter; Kessler, C.; Reuther, R.; Krause, Klaus-Henning (1984): New Aspects of Thromboangiitis obliterans (von Winiwarter-Buerger's Disease). In: European Neurology, Vol. 23, Nr. 6: S. 394-399


The existence of thromboangiitis obliterans as a clinical entity has been a matter of debate for many years. In contrast to other immunovasculitides there is no organ involvement while peripheral vessels are affected. Heavy smokers under 40 years of age have a high predisposition for the disease. The cerebral form shows relapsing brain infarctions which can be visualized in CCT while panarteriography remains negative. Apart from unspecific inflammatory signs in blood and CSF there are distinctive laboratory findings proving the autoimmunological character of von Winiwarter-Buerger's disease. In the serum anti-elastin antibodies, IgE and anticollagen antibody activity are detectable. In 3 patients the authors detected specific immunohistochemical findings in a biopsy specimen of the temporal artery. In addition to platelet-inhibiting substances corticoids in acute and azathioprine in chronic treatment becomes necessary.