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Echternach, Matthias; Huseynov, Jamal; Döllinger, Michael; Nusseck, Manfred and Richter, Bernhard (2020): The impact of a standardized vocal loading test on vocal fold oscillations. In: European Archives of Oto-Rhino-Laryngology, Vol. 277: pp. 1699-1705 [PDF, 956kB]


Introduction Vocal loading capacity is an important aspect of vocal health and is measured using standardized vocal loading tests. However, it remains unclear how vocal fold oscillation patterns are influenced by a standardized vocal loading task. Methods 21 (10 male, 11 female) vocally healthy subjects were analyzed concerning the dysphonia severity index (DSI) and high speed videolaryngoscopy (HSV) on the vowel /i/ at a comfortable pitch and loudness before and after a standardized vocal loading test (10 min standardized text reading, at a level higher than 80 dB (A) measured at 30 cm from the mouth). Results Changes in DSI were statistically significant, diminishing by 1.2 points after the vocal loading test, which was mainly caused by an increase of the minimum intensity. However, the pre-post comparison of HSV derived measures failed to show any statistically significant changes. Conclusion It seems necessary to analyze the effects of a standardized vocal loading test on vocal fold oscillation patterns with respect to softest phonation and phonation threshold pressure rather than comfortable pitch and loudness.Level of evidence

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