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Rellensmann, Kathrin; Behzadi, Cyrus; Usseglio, John; Vosseller, James Turner; Böcker, Wolfgang; Polzer, Hans and Baumbach, Sebastian Felix (2020): Acute, isolated and unstable syndesmotic injuries are frequently associated with intra-articular pathologies. In: Knee surgery, sports traumatology, arthroscopy : official journal of the ESSKA, Vol. 29: pp. 1516-1522 [PDF, 620kB]


PURPOSE Although simultaneous arthroscopy for the surgical treatment of acute isolated, unstable syndesmotic injuries has been recommended, little knowledge is present about the actual frequency of intra-articular pathologies for this injury. The aim of this study was to investigate the frequency and severity of intra-articular pathologies detected during arthroscopy and their subsequent treatment in acute isolated, unstable syndesmotic injuries. METHODS A retrospective chart review of patients treated by arthroscopic-assisted stabilization for acute isolated, syndesmotic instability was performed. The primary outcome parameter was the frequency of intra-articular pathologies. Secondary outcome parameters were the type of syndesmotic lesion (ligamentous/bony), severity of chondral lesions, MRI findings, treatment details, complications and the identification of factors associated with intra-articular pathologies. RESULTS Twenty-seven patients, 19% female, with a mean age of 37 ± 12~years met the inclusion criteria. 70% suffered isolated ligamentous injuries, the remaining suffered avulsion fractures of the syndesmosis. Chondral lesions occurred in 48% (ICRS grade II: 33%; ICRS grade IV 15%) and intra-articular loose bodies in 11% of patients. Overall, arthroscopy revealed intra-articular pathologies necessitating further treatment in 19% of patients. Neither the type of syndesmotic injury (bony vs. ligamentous; ns) nor the degree of ligamentous instability (West Point IIB vs. III; ns) had a significant influence on the occurrence of chondral lesions. One complication (SSI) occurred. Pre-operative MRI revealed a sensitivity/specificity of 100/79% for chondral lesions and 50/93% for loose bodies. CONCLUSION Intra-articular pathologies in acute isolated, unstable syndesmotic injuries occur in up to 50% of patients, 19% necessitated additional treatment. Simultaneous arthroscopy, independent of the pre-operative MRI findings, appears reasonable in highly active patients. LEVEL OF EVIDENCE Level III.

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