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Köglsperger, Thomas; Mehrkens, Jan H. and Bötzel, Kai (2020): Bilateral double beta peaks in a PD patient with STN electrodes. In: Acta neurochirurgica, Vol. 163: pp. 205-209 [PDF, 1MB]


Subthalamic local field potentials in the beta band are considered as potential biomarkers for closed-loop deep brain stimulation. To investigate the subthalamic beta band peak amplitudes in a Parkinson's disease patient over an extended period of time by using a novel and commercially available neurostimulator with permanent sensing capability. We recorded local field potentials of the subthalamic nucleus using the Medtronic Percept™ implantable neurostimulator at rest and during physical activity (gait) with and in response to deep brain stimulation. We found a double-peaked beta activity on both sides. Increasing stimulation and physical activity resulted in a decreased beta band amplitude, but was accompanied by the appearance of a second, and previously unrecognized peak at 13~Hz in the right hemisphere. Our results will support the investigation of distinct different peaks in the beta band and their relevance and usefulness as closed-loop biomarkers.

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