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Küblböck, Teresa; Angé, Gaspard; Bikelytė, Greta; Pokorná, Jiřina; Skácel, Radovan and Klapötke, Thomas M. (2020): Guanidinium 5,5′‐Azotetrazolate: A Colorful Chameleon for Halogen‐Free Smoke Signals. In: Angewandte Chemie - International Edition, Vol. 59, No. 30: pp. 12326-12330 [PDF, 947kB]


A progressive halogen‐free multicolored smoke system to obtain white, red, violet, yellow, green, and blue smoke color is presented. The nitrogen‐rich salt guanidinium 5,5′‐azotetrazolate (GZT), which is usually applied as a gas generator or propellant ingredient, was combined with different smoke dyes (Solvent Red 1, Solvent Violet 47, Solvent Green 3, Solvent Yellow 33). These two‐component smoke mixtures offer a convenient and safe multicolor approach without the need for potassium chlorate or any other hazardous material. The common smoke characteristics with respect to burn time/burn rate, yield factor, transfer rate, as well as energetic properties were determined and compared with classic chlorate‐based formulations currently used. To the best of our knowledge, nothing comparable is known in the literature and a completely new research area in modern pyrotechnics is opened.

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