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Radner, Karen and Vacek, Alexander (26. August 2020): The site of Al-Mina, the port of Aḫtâ and Mediterranean trade in the age of the Assyrian Empire. In: Horst, Claudia (ed.) : Der Alte Orient und die Entstehung der athenischen Demokratie. Classica et Orientalia, Vol. 21. Wiesbaden: Harrassowitz. pp. 108-171 [PDF, 2MB]

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We propose identification of Al-Mina with Aḫtâ and position this, firstly, in the context of the historical and strategic assessment of the Orontes estuary and the Amuq plain, secondly in the context of a re-evaluation of the archaeological evidence of Al-Mina and, thirdly, in the context of a discussion of Mediterranean trade during the time of the Assyrian Empire. To this end, we discuss the sites of Al-Mina and Sabuniye and then widen our focus for a historical survey of the political and strategic importance of the Orontes estuary before turning to Greeks and Greek import pottery in the Assyrian Empire; we conclude with an analysis of Al-Mina’s role in the Mediterranean trade during the time of the Assyrian Empire.

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